About Us

About us

We are found in July, 2015 as a 3D printing startup.
We are currently combing welding tech and 3D technology in DMD type metal 3D printer.
The DMD method uses metal wires used in conventional welding as materials,
It is 10 times cheaper than metal powder method and has faster output speed.
You can produce large sculptures at a reasonable price and at a high speed.
Available materials are steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Copper and Inconel are also under development.


From art works to furniture, skateboarding and many other projects are underway.

Printed a skateboard

Printed a deck with stainless steel and made a skateboard by attaching an existing wheel.

Printed an owl

An owl which is a work of art made by printed steel, means wealth and honor.

Made aluminum chair

Made a 500x650 size aluminum chair by using a 1 meter printer.

Made a steel pipe

We made a steel pipe that had 700mm length with curves and bending

Made metal chairs

Made metal chairs of various sizes in steel and stainless steel.

Developed Metal 3D printer

Metal 3D printer developed for the EDU purpose can print out up to 200x200 size.


5000Doci's variety events

Participation in EDUTEC KOREA 2017 in COEX

Participated in EDUTEC. It was a valuable fair started in 2017. Many people are interested in our product in the fair and a large number of inquiries on education, news, and purchase have been received. In summary, it was a highly successful fair.

Exhibited at Kukmin university's sculpture gallery.

With Minseoung kim belonged to metal sculpture department and 5000 celsius, we borrowed sculpture gallery and exhibited thing there. From chair to pipe, many sculptures were exhibited after they were manufactured. Also, professors and students did show interest there.

Flea Market

We participated in Now Market held in Yeoksam-dong hosted by Krabili X Harbby. Because it was my first participation in flea market, there was some mistakes but many people were interested and inquired. In the next flea market, we will make more preparations and show various works.

3D Printing Magazine Articles

In the February issue of 3D Printing Korea and the March issue of CAD & Graphics March, 5000 degrees were written. Explantion and interview about DMD type's 5000 Celsius degree, spec of printer and introduction on printed works were published in there. We had great time interviewing and photographing because of journalist's great skill in in managing during all interview.



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